Benefits of a Compactor Machine in Southold, NY; Reduce Costs, Odors, Pests, Fire Hazards & More

When it comes to removing a lot of waste, most people will rent a dumpster. However, some projects may require three or more dumpsters which can become expensive. This is where a compactor unit can help. When you have a lot of waste that can be compacted, you can get more out of a single unit. For those who may not be too familiar with compactor units, Mickey’s Carting would like to share the benefits of compactor unit and how they work.

Compactors Reduce Costs

Some projects or clean-up sites will require a lot of dumpsters. You will need a couple on site and have trucks constantly rolling in and out of the site. When you have this level of waste, the cleaning cost will be extreme. To help save money, you will want to reduce the number of dumpsters and pick up services. This is the beauty of a compactor unit. This is a dumpster but with a compactor to squash the waste and give you more disposal room out of a single dumpster. You can save 75% of your waste needs when compacting the waste. To help reduce the cost of waste removal, a compactor is the way to go.

Compactor Machine Means Faster Site Cleaning

A compactor unit also helps to improve the speed in which the site can be cleaned. When cleaning a site, large items are thrown into the dumpster taking up space fast. Before you know it, the dumpster is full and you are waiting for a new dumpster to be delivered. A lot of time is often wasted waiting for a new dumpster to be delivered. With a compactor you can get more use out of a single unit as you can compress the waste. This not only saves money but time as well. When you need a site cleaned up fast, a compactor can help improve clean up time.

Compactor Reduces Odor & Pest Infestations

An open end garbage bin or dumpster leaves everything open. Open dumpsters can allow pests and odors to freely move about. Depending on the commercial or residential needs, food waste can be very attractive to pests and also cause odors. A compactor is a secure and enclosed unit that makes it impossible for pests to get into the waste unit and it also helps reduce the odor. If you have food or other unpleasant wastes you wish to get rid of, then a compactor is the better choice.

Minimize Fire Hazards with a Compactor

If you are throwing away combustive material you will want an air tight container to ensure the items in the dumpster don’t become a fire hazard. Because most compactors are enclosed there not enough air to allow a fire to develop. Additionally, because it is enclosed, it is hard for a fire to even get started. To Improve safety, compactor can help.

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There are a lot of benefits to renting a compactor versus a traditional dumpster. However, it will depend on the situation to know for sure which one will suit your needs best. For quality compactor units, dumpsters and more, contact Mickey’s Carting today.

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