Dumpster Safety Tips in Springs, NY; Prevent Injury when Lifting & Throwing Heavy Objects & More

Anytime you are in the middle of a home construction project, a big cleanup undertaking or are doing major landscaping changes, it can be helpful to have a large dumpster to help you get rid of the waste. As helpful as a dumpster is, it doesn’t come without safety risks though. It’s important to know how to safely have a dumpster on your property so that you avoid getting seriously hurt by one. Mickey’s Carting is here to share some dumpster safety tips to help keep your family safe.

Never Jump or Dive into a Dumpster

This may go without saying, but you should never jump in or around a dumpster. This is a tip that is especially important for those that have children who may try this trick. Not only could they get trapped in the dumpster because of the height of the walls, but there could also be materials found inside the dumpster that are dangerous and could cause injury to occur. There are often sharp objects lurking in dumpsters as well as simply hard objects that could hurt someone if they made contact with it.

Prevent Injury when Lifting & Throwing Heavy Objects into Dumpster

There is a good chance that you will need to lift heavy items into the dumpster to dispose of it. You shouldn’t ever attempt to do this on your own. When you try and lift items that are too heavy by yourself, you risk injuring your back severely. Depending on the item you’re lifting, you should always have at least two people there to help lift it and throw it away.

Keep Children Away from Garbage & Dumpster

If you have children in your home, it is best that they steer clear of the dumpster all together. If they are going to be near it, you should at least be with them. They should never be allowed near the dumpster while it is unattended to avoid accidental injury. For kids, the sight of a big dumpster on your property, may seem like the perfect place for an adventure. Make sure you express the dangers that come with a dumpster.

Avoid Moving the Dumpster

You may think you can move the dumpster from one place to another while it is on your property. You should always avoid doing this as it can cause injury to do so. Moving a dumpster require heavy equipment that you more than likely don’t have at your disposal. If the situation calls for relocating the dumpster, call the waste management company you are working with, and they will gladly send someone out to help you.

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