How Can I Declutter My House Quickly in East Hampton, NY? Rent a Dumpster to Get Rid of Junk & More

Many people begin to look around their homes only to notice the clutter and accumulating junk that is starting to take over the home. Many homeowners eventually recognize that the clutter is becoming overwhelming and want to sift through their things in order to declutter the home. Unfortunately, the process can be overwhelming, especially when you do not know where to start. Today, we at Mickey’s Carting would like to share some basic tips to help you declutter with a dumpster.

Should I Declutter One Room at a Time?

Instead of looking at the home as a whole, start with one room at a time. As you go through your things you are going to want to separate your possessions into 3 categories.
Keep Pile. The first category is the possessions you intend to keep. The items you want to hang on to, should be the necessities, and perhaps those with sentimental value. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used something in 12 months, you are not going to need it.
Recycle, Donate or Sell. The second category is items you want to recycle, donate or sell. The things you want to give up for sell or donating should be stuff that is in good condition. Whether you decide to try and sell it, or prefer to donate these items, you want to keep it out of the way as you go through the rooms. There are many things that can be recycled. If you want to do your part, the obvious things should be recycled accordingly. These days, old computers and other electronics can be recycled. Old cellphones can be recycled as well. You can generally find recyclable items and where they can be dropped off, or even schedule a pickup with a quick search in your area.
Rent a Dumpster to Get Rid of Junk. The third category is the junk trash that is not donate able or stuff you do not want to keep. This is where the dumpster comes in handy. You want to declutter the home and having the dumpster right outside your home can help you immediately remove the junk that is taking up space in your home. There are many options for renting a dumpster. From size, to model, as well as duration, the dumpster rental can be readily available as you tackle the decluttering project. Keep in mind that there are some things that can be disposed of in the dumpster. Generally, the dumpster rental experts will provide a list of things that can’t be trashed in the dumpster. It is usually obvious items, such as car batteries, hazardous materials or substances, freon, water heaters, and other related items.

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When you need a dumpster rental in Montauk to Riverhead, Shelter Island, and the towns of the North Fork, the professionals of Mickey’s Carting offers a number of dumpster rentals that can be brought to your location and leave it for a scheduled time frame that can give you plenty of time to declutter your home. Call us today and we can help you get the right sized dumpster.

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