How Do I Get Rid of an Old Tenant’s Belongings in Northwest Harbor, NY? Weekly Trash Pickup, Dumpster & More

You know how to move someone in and out of rental space if you have been a landlord for some light of time. Tenants will follow the rules and give you the keys after the expiration of their lease most of the time. The process is not always smooth, however, and some tenants will move out, leaving their items behind. Dealing with stuff left behind can be overwhelming and time-consuming if this is the case for you. Ensuring your rental is in tip-top condition for the next tenant, Mickey’s Carting can help you safely get rid of belongings left behind. With thins in mind, we at Mickey’s Carting would like to offer an approach to removing an old tenant’s belongings from off your property.

Weekly Trash Pickup of Junk Removal Service

You may consider a dumpster rental since throwing things on the curb for the weekly trash pickup is not a viable solution. In order for you to safely dispose of the items without risking code violations and subsequent fines, there is a wide range of quality dumpster rental units that vary in size. Junk removal services can help you load the abandoned items into the dumpster. It can be challenging to locate them when when tenants just up and leave without giving you the keys or saying goodbye. Below are some other options you may consider getting rid yourself since a rental space full of someone else’s things can be a problem.

Reach Out to Former Tenant

“Landlords should make a reasonable effort to reach out to the tenant and give them a chance to retrieve their belongings,” this is stated under the Uniform Residential Landlord-Tenant Act. Before getting rid of their thing, this law entails sending a certified letter within fourteen days and waiting a reasonable amount of time. Your name and address, the former tenant’s name and last known address, a list of items left behind, and the date by which the items should be retrieved should be included in the letter. Also stated in the letter should be that you will dispose of them. If all efforts to reach the tenant fail if the tenant doesn’t pick up the listed items in storage. We can help you rent a dumpster to dispose of the items if all efforts to reach the tenant fail. Since they conduct in-depth tenant verification checks, making it easy to contact former tenants, a property management company can help with the process as well.

Rent a Dumpster

To access professional services without breaking the bank, make sure you rent a dumpster from a reputable service provider. A dumpster company can remove the tenant’s belongings and put them in a dumpster rental unit if the items are bulky or too many for you to handle. You can easily toss everything and be done with it when you decide to choose this idea.

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Contact Mickey’ Carting for removing tenants’ belongings using a dumpster, or even our junk removal service. Our team of trained experts will come to your property, remove all the items, and haul it away. Giving you peace of mind that a team of professionals handles everything, this option relieves the burden and costs involved in DIY projects.

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