How Do You Clean Up after a Hoarder in Montauk, NY? Rent a Dumpster & Hire a Junk Removal Company

If you are helping a family member or friend clean up their home and property only to discover they are a hoarder, you may wonder where to begin clearing the mess? When a hoarder decides to make some life changes it can be emotional for them so it is important to help them through this process. When cleaning up after a hoarder, you may feel very overwhelmed. However Mickey’s Carting will share a few tips to make cleaning up after a hoarder easier for both of you.

Rent a Dumpster

When cleaning up the home and property of a hoarder, there is usually a lot of unusable waste and junk that can be thrown away. As a result, you can take years cleaning up a hoarder’s home if you rely on a basic residential waste system. To clean up the home and property quickly, you will want to rent a dumpster and have it brought out to the property. It will be left for a few days or as even as long as you need. When renting a dumpster, most companies will provide a wide range of sizes. You will need to determine what size you will need. If you are not sure, you can always ask the dumpster to be picked up and a new one brought out if you fill it up. You will find a dumpster is the answer to any hoarding problem.

Remove & Throw Away Trash First

As soon as the dumpster arrives, your first step is to begin cleaning up all of the trash. Most hoarders will hold on to everything in sight, including the trash. You will want to go from room to room and throw away all of the trash. One of the most difficult parts is convincing a hoarder what is and is not trash. You will need to develop tactics on helping your hoarder friend or family member come to terms with what is simply trash. One way to help a hoarder is to recycle what can be recycled. A hoarder often thinks something can be reused or is still useful. Recycling does just that. The item may not do anything for the hoarder, but recycling helps plastics, papers, metal and other materials to be reused and turned into something new and useful. Recycling may slow down the process but it is a great way to help a hoarder cope with the cleanup.

Hire a Junk Removal Company

When cleaning up a hoarder’s property there may be some larger items and debris that will need to be cleaned. Do not work alone, there are many waste management services that provide dumpster rental as well as residential cleanup services. Men to Help is a service where you can request a small crew to come and help remove trash and other junk off of the property and even in the home. If you need extra man power, don’t hesitate to seek a professional clean up service to help you.

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