How Do You Dispose of an Old Wood Deck with Nails in Wading River, NY? Dumpster Rental!

From safety hazards to aesthetic depreciation of your property there are many reasons for disposing of an old porch. You need to get rid of it if this is the case, and Mickey’s Carting can help. We can help you make the disposal of your porch safer and efficient using our top-quality and appropriately sized dumpster rental being among the leading dumpster experts. You can save money by tearing your old wooden deck down yourself although most property owners might not have the expertise to build a porch. We can provide you with a roll-off dumpster that suits your disposal needs should you decide to dispose of your old porch. Today, we at Mickey’s Carting would like to further discuss the subject.

How Do I Dispose of Old Decking?

You will need a dumpster rental from Mickey’s Carting after you have made up your mind regarding getting rid of your old porch. At the most convenient time for you so that you can kick-start your project on the right foot, our team of experts can have a roll-off dumpster in your driveway. Before renting a dumpster for an in-depth assessment of your porch to determine the correct size, we encourage you to consult our experts. Especially in ensuring that the project goes on seamlessly and inconveniences are avoided, this is critical.

How to Tear Down a Deck & Remove Debris from Property

You need to ensure that you are conversant with the tools needed to tear down a porch and that you are conversant in using them before commencing your project. It goes a long way in enhancing your safety and the safety of your property as well when you consult an expert contractor. Switch off the power and remove any wiring or outlets is the first thing you need to do. Any existing furniture, decorations, or anything you want to save should also be removed. If you have a covered deck, removing the shingles on the roof is the first place to start. Preventing water from penetrating where the roof connects with other surfaces on your house, use a shovel to remove the shingles and pull the flashing once you have your ladder in place. Also known as joists, the next step requires you to cut through the horizontal beams connecting the house to the porch roof. An arched roof requires you to cut through the joists and rafters. If your porch has a flat roof, you are only dealing with joists. The rest is a piece of cake since you’ll be able to knock it down once you have gotten rid of all the beams. The next step involves removing screens, columns, or railing after the porch roof is removed. Especially after all the supporting columns have been removed, this is a relatively simple process. Starting with the nails for easy access to the boards, you can remove the flooring. The boards should be cut into smaller pieces to fit in your dumpster rental in East End.

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The rest is up to us once you are done cleaning up after the project and your trash is in the dumpster rental. Easing disposal and avoiding the inconvenience of waiting for weekly trash collection, we will haul away the roll-off dumpster. For quality dumpster services at an affordable price, get in touch with us at Mickey’s Carting.

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