How to Keep Squirrels, Raccoons & Other Wild Animals Away from Garbage Bags & Cans in Jamesport, NY

Before your pick-up day, your trash presents an easy meal to critters that are out on the prowl for the night. The nearby animals are making a beeline right to your trash with one whiff of your leftovers from the week before. It is an all-around messy situation within your garbage bags when food waste is strewn across the yard and paper waste is blowing down the street. Professionals need to get that bag into the truck without it completely tearing the rest of the way open and dumping trash all over the ground. Below are a few quick tips to help keep animals out of your trash that we at Mickey’s Carting would like to share today.

Eliminate Food from Waste Stream

Though it is definitely a good way to reduce the number of critters ripping up your trash bag, this tip can be challenging and maybe even unrealistic for most. The main attractant for animals coming to a garbage bag is the volumes of food waste. It is an easy meal when the wildlife critters are hungry and there is food readily available. Great ways to eliminate majority of the food waste from your waste stream include composting, using a garbage disposal for smaller scraps, and having weekly leftovers for dinner night. Using a garbage disposal for smaller scraps and having weekly leftovers for dinner night are options that may be more realistic since some areas composting isn’t an option.

Secure Trash Can Lid

Simply using a good trashcan with a lid can prevent animals from ripping up your trash outside of a situation involving a bear. Securing the lid after placing the trash bag in your trashcan will now significantly make it more difficult for animals to rip your trash bag to shreds. Instead of throwing loose trash directly in the can, we recommend bagging your trash and placing it in the bin. You can better maintain a clean trashcan seals in the odors, extends the life of the can, and reduces litter at time of disposal by bagging the waste. Simply using a good trashcan with a lid can prevent animals from ripping up your trash, outside of a situation involving a bear.

Keep Garbage Can & Bins Clean

Using liners helps keep the garbage can cleaner, but they will still get layers of residues. Washing the bin out with hot soapy water once a month or so will help keep the residues controlled and better manage the growing odors that can attract the critters.

What to Spray on Garbage Bags to Keep Animals Away

Try using an animal repellant in the area where you place your trash when all else fails, or you have a bear situation. There are many different products available, and they all have varying results. Consider asking neighbors or friends for recommendations are start evaluating products to see which works better.

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