How to Remove Smell from Indoor & Outdoor Trash Cans in Cutchogue, NY; Scented Garbage Bags & More

Due to the nature of the beast, trash cans can easily become smelly sources of any room. With the things and waste, we toss out on daily basis, trash odors can be very overpowering. Whether you are concerned about the trash bins around the home, or the trash can out on the curb, they can develop gross odors. In order to help you avoid and prevent trash can odors, we at Mickey’s Carting would like to offer some tips and suggestions.

Do Not Put Loose Items in Trash Cans

Avoid throwing out loose items directly into the trash can. Though many people do not do this indoors, it is more commonly done outside. Throwing out loose items can get nasty and smelly. Considering people often trash individual items out in the garbage as they clean their car or threw the smelly fast-food bag in the garbage can from the fast food who devoured on the home from a busy day can quickly buildup the stench.

Scented Garbage Bags

Using scented garbage bags is the easiest thing you can do to stop your trash from smelling. Because you feel like you’re just throwing them out anyway, do not just buy the cheapest bags. You can help mask any temporary foul odors by spending the few extra cents to purchase the bags. It will prevent your outdoor garbage service can from stinking and attracting wild animals, especially in the warm weather in addition to allowing your indoor garbage can to be more tolerable.

Deodorize Trash Can with Baking Soda

One of the most useful and versatile household items ever, and you should always keep this item stocked, is baking soda. The first method is using baking soda to clean your indoor or outdoor garbage by sprinkling generous amounts of some baking soda in the bin. Next, pour water, and a splash of white vinegar in the bin, and then scrub the trash can until the container is clean and odor-free. In order to help absorb any moisture and eliminate odors, you can also sprinkle some baking soda to the bottom of the garbage can and leave it there. Sprinkle some baking soda into the bag before you take it outside if in the event you have a garbage bag that is so smelly that it’s overpowering the scented bag.

Put Dryer Sheets in the Bottom of Trash Can

Before you line the trash bin with a garbage bag, a nice life hack is putting a few scented dryer sheets at the bottom. You can keep the scents to a minimum since the dryer sheets are ideal at absorbing excess moisture. Remove the old dryer sheet and add a new one every time you take the garbage out. Used dryer sheets can also be used since they have some efficiency left after a spin in the dryer. Especially your outdoor garbage can as it bakes in the sun, smelling stinky garbage can is one of the most unpleasant experiences of all time.

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