Ways to Reduce Waste in Northville, NY; Buy Things Without Packaging, Stop Junk Mail & More

In an effort to help you minimize waste, we at Mickey’s Carting would like to share helpful tips on how you can reduce waste in your home or business.

Buy Things Without Packaging when Possible

An impact on the products available for sale and how they’re packaged comes from how you spend your money. The industry would soon shift to less packaging and less waste overall if every consumer made the conscious choice to only purchase products or goods with minimal to no packaging. You are sending a message to retailers that consumers do not support wasteful production each time you make the choice to buy the product with little to no packaging. Every time you make the choice to buy items without excess packaging since every little bit adds up, it affects reducing your household waste.

Often it is Worth Trying to Repair Things which Break Rather than Throwing Them Away

It is easy to just cast something aside because it breaks with the ease and availability of every product in the world at our fingertips. Instead of trashing something, consider fixing it. It is better for the planet and your wallet long term by buying high-quality items and taking care of them. In addition to taking a toll on your budget, buying cheap, disposable items also increases the amount of trash you produce. Take a few minutes to see if it’s fixable rather than just tossing it in the bin and ordering a new one, the next time a toy breaks or the button pops off a pair of pants.

Stop Junk Mail from Being Delivered

Few people enjoy seeing their mailbox spam, ads, and junk mail. A lot of trees are wasted with the over 100 million pieces of junk mail being sent to United States’ homes every year. Long term, it saves more trees and reduces the waste cluttering up your mailbox and coffee table by unsubscribing from junk mail can be more work upfront as you sort through the companies. In order to make the planet a better place for everyone, a little investment is worth it.

Donating Is Often Better than Throwing it Away

Consider donating them rather than bringing them to the curb if in the event you have clothes, toys, books, or household items cluttering up your space. We can reduce the amount of trash wasting away in a landfill as gently used items in good shape can find new lives in second-hand and consignment stores. By providing affordable, recycled household goods for those who can’t afford new products, you are also helping your community. Bedding, toys, clothes, shoes, electronic devices, furniture, and more can be donated. They can be donated to schools or educational organizations if you have electronic products like tablets and laptops.

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We hope these tips helps you reduce the waste in your home. This can also help cut down the clutter in your home. For dumpster and trash services in the East End of New York, Mickey’s Carting is your leading expert.

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