What are Ways to Reduce Waste in East Hampton North, NY? Recycle, Avoid Single Use Plastics & More

A lot of garbage, 5.9 pounds per day on average is notoriously produced in American households. It has a negative impact on the environment when all of this adds up to over a ton of garbage during the course of the year. By always looking for ways to improve what we reuse, reduce, and recycle, we can all strive to reduce our household waste. Fortunately, there are easy steps we can take in order to live a more green and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Though reducing household waste can be overwhelming, we at Mickey’s Carting has a few tips for reducing waste.

Why is a Good think to Recycle?

Out of 5.9 pounds of garbage, only about 1.5 pounds are recycled. According to the EPA, 70% of our garbage is recyclable as Americans leave a lot of recyclables in the trash, and only 30% actually gets recycled. By properly cleaning and sorting recyclables from trash, we can reduce that gap in our own homes. Giving your household items a chance at a second life in recycling is easy and preferable to plastic slowly decaying in a landfill while it may take a minute more than trashing it. To know what can and can’t be recycled, understand the recycling standards in your city or county. Many cities provide disposal for mixed recycling in today’s world, indicating you don’t even have to sort between paper, glass, and metal recyclables. Before putting them in the bin, just be sure you clear all the trash out of your recyclables. Keep in mind, one piece of garbage can taint an entire recycling bin.

How to Reduce Food Waste

Amounting to a third of the world’s total food supply, there is 1.3 billion tons of food is trashed every year. An easy way to be more environmentally conscious and waste less is reducing your food waste. Take understand how your household consumes food is the easiest way to reduce food waste. It’s a sign that you can buy less food at the grocery store if you consistently have produced or leftovers rotting in your fridge. Only buying perishable foods the day you’re using them; you can also choose to shop more often. Consider freezing excess amounts of food for future consumption and ensure you store leftovers properly. Ensure you’re not letting food go to waste by making a weekly or monthly meal plan is a great way to get a handle on the food you’re buying. Composting is a great way to reduce household waste and give back to the planet in your own backyard with the food scraps odds and ends. To produce and flower gardens, compost makes great fertilizer. Your city may offer composting pick up or a local farm may be interested in using it if you don’t have the ability to use compost. Investing in a good set of food storage containers is ideal. To help prolong the shelf life of your food and keep you from throwing out a meal you were looking forward to, mason jars, reusable produce bags and airtight food storage containers.

Avoid Single Use Plastics & Products

This convenience takes a heavy toll on the earth when paper plates and plastic silverware are great for saving time during the post-meal clean-up. Single use products make up a large part of household waste, these items include
– Straws
– Plastic water bottles
– Plastic cutlery
– Plastic bags
– Paper towels
– Disposable plates
Though it makes a small difference every day that adds up to a big difference at the end of each year, investing in reusable water bottles, reusable produce bags, cloth shopping bags, and cloth towels is best.

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