What Can You Not Put in a Dumpster Rental in Cutchogue, NY? Tires, Oil Paint, Hazardous Waste & More

Dumpsters are often rented for major cleaning or waste management. Dumpsters are used for commercial and residential properties. When renting a dumpster to dispose of waste, there are certain items you cannot put into the dumpster. These items are labeled hazardous and for good reason. However, there are many people who do not always follow this rule and will throw out hazardous waste into the dumpster. To better understand why hazardous waste should not be put in a dumpster, Mickey’s Carting will cover the common items that should not be thrown into a dumpster and why.

Keep Paints, Stains & Lacquers Out of Dumpster

One of the things you cannot throw away in a dumpster are cans of paint, stain, or lacquer and this includes empty cans. The only paint cans that can be recycled or even reused are latex based paints. If you want to reuse the paint for any reason, want to recycle it, or throw it into a dumpster, you will need to remove the left over paint while it is still wet. When you have finished using the paint, pour cat litter inside to clean the can. However, the other types of paints or stains and lacquers must be disposed of properly. You must find your local hazardous waste disposal center and dispose of them there. Failure to dispose of the paint, stain and lacquer properly will result in the poisoning of water supply as well as the land.

Do Not Dispose of Tires in Dumpsters

No landfill in the United States will allow tires. When renting out a dumpster and the dumpster is taken away, the dumpster is dumped out at the nearest landfill. This is a because tires do not degrade which is essential for any waste taken to a landfill. However, tires can be recycled. Tires are broken down and used as rubber mulch or as asphalt. You can take your tires to your local tire shop, dealership or check your local waste management regulations. Some companies will pick up tires along with your other household waste and make sure the tires are recycled.

No Hazardous Waste in Dumpster

– Certain materials that are label hazardous should not be put into a dumpster. Some of the common hazardous waste that should not be thrown in a dumpster include Asbestos, gasoline, pesticides, automotive fluids, inks, resins, medical waste and propane tanks. These are just a few items that are considered hazardous. As there is a wide variety of materials considered hazardous waste, make sure to do your research and see how it is disposed of properly.

What Happens to Garbage in a Landfill?

It is important to not throw away hazardous material in a dumpster. To better understand why you should never throw away hazardous material in a dumpster, you need to understand how landfills work. Trash and waste created by humans must be disposed of somewhere, and that somewhere is the landfill. However, a landfill will eventually fill up and a new landfill site is created. A landfill is a 500 foot hole that is dug into the ground. The trash will cover the ground and a layer of dirt over the top is added to reduce the odors and pests. Over time more layers of trash and dirt or gravel is poured until the landfill is full. Once the landfill is full, it is capped. The landfill site is monitored over the next 30 years to make sure landfill gases don’t pollute the air and ground water. This is why it is so important to not contaminate a landfill site. It will have a direct impact on you and your environment.

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