What Debris You Can & Cannot Put in a Construction Dumpster Rental in Northwest Harbor, NY!

When people think about a dumpster rental, they think that it is a free for all to get rid of all of the debris that have accumulated from their project. While there are a lot of things that can be put inside a dumpster rental, there are several items that you should avoid putting in there. These same rules apply for construction dumpsters. There is some debris found in a construction site that is simply not allowed to put into a dumpster. Mickey’s Carting is here to talk about what you can and cannot put inside a construction dumpster rental.

Construction Debris Allowed in a Dumpster

There is a reason that so many people rent a dumpster for their construction site. There is a lot of debris that accumulates during a construction project and a good portion of it can go in a dumpster. Here are some of the construction debris that are allowed in a dumpster rental:
– Stone & Brick (May need to rent a dumpster that can handle that kind of weight)
– Tile
– Wood & lumber
– Siding
– Drywall
– Nails & screws
– Plumbing fixtures
– Roofing materials
– Windows & glass
– Cabinets
– Countertops
– Flooring
– Furniture
– & More

What Can’t Be Placed Inside Construction Dumpsters?

Even though most of the debris that accumulates at a construction site can be thrown away in a dumpster rental, there are some things that should never be placed in a dumpster.
– Paint: Many paints include lead or mercury which is harmful to the environment.
– Resins: Not only is resin harmful to the environment, but it is also damaging to the dumpster itself.
– Adhesives: Throwing adhesives into the dumpster will only cause damage to the dumpster. It will cause debris to stick to the bottom of the dumpster when it is being emptied.
– Asbestos: It is vital that any asbestos doesn’t make its way into the landfill. This substance needs to be removed and thrown away by licensed professionals to ensure it is done safely.
– Cleaning Fluids: You need to make sure that any cleaning materials aren’t thrown into the dumpster. If you have some to throw away, the bottles need to be emptied first.
– Aerosol Cans: Any aerosol cans need to be completely empty before they are thrown into a dumpster. These cans have the ability to combust and start fires as well as pose safety risks to any workers handling them.
– Tires: No landfills will accept tires and they aren’t allowed inside a dumpster.

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