What is Not Allowed in a Dumpster in Laurel, NY? Tires, Mattresses, Fridges, Paint & More

When you are dealing with a large project, the best way to deal with the waste that often accompanies it is to rent a dumpster. This gives you the ability to get rid of an incredibly large amount of waste without spending time going to and from the local landfill. However, when it comes to getting rid of waste, you need to make sure that you are not putting anything hazardous inside your dumpster. Mickey’s Carting is here to talk about what you aren’t allowed to put in a dumpster so you are ready for your dumpster rental.

What Cannot Be Placed in a Dumpster?

While there is a great deal that you are able to throw away inside your dumpster rental, there are also many hazardous materials that should never be disposed of this way.
– Tires: It seems like throwing old tires inside a dumpster would be the best way to get rid of them. However, the rubber that make up the tires are incredibly harmful for the environment and most landfills will not accept them. You will need to find a tire dealer or a recycling center that accepts tires.
– Mattresses: Finding a way to get rid of an old mattress can be a struggle. However, this is another item that should never make its way into a dumpster. Mattresses often have a hard time breaking down on their own and need to be disassembled before they can be disposed of properly.
– Refrigerators: A refrigerator is another item that should never be found inside a dumpster rental. There is too much for fishermen found in the lines and mechanisms of your refrigerator. If this were to make it into the landfill, it can have large environmental implications.
– Batteries: It can be tricky to figure out what to do with old batteries or electronics. Batteries are known to have hazardous materials inside of them that can be detrimental to our environment as well. Disposing of your electronics and your old batteries is part of taking care of the world that we live in.
– Resin/Paint/Lacquer: Under no circumstances should materials like paint, resin or lacquer make it into a dumpster. These items often have mercury or lead found inside of them which can have a negative impact on the environment as well.
– Concrete: Many remodeling projects consist of a certain amount of concrete waste. You need to make sure that you are renting the right type of dumpster to get rid of old concrete. This is often far too heavy to put in a normal dumpster.
– Roofing Shingles: Dumpsters are an important part of removing an old roof in preparation for a new to be installed. However, you should avoid growing roofing shingles into a small sized dumpster. First of all, these are easily recycled and reused. Second of all, if you are going to throw them away they are heavy and will require a larger dumpster.

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