What is the Most Effective Way to Remove Carpet in The Hamptons, NY? Dispose of in Dumpster

Any time you have decided to change the flooring in your home, it is a big job. Whether you are replacing your carpet with new carpet or deciding to go a different direction in your flooring, removing the carpet that is currently there can be difficult. Sometimes, it is such a big job that people will pay somebody to do it for them. However, there are some steps you can take that make the process much easier to do on your own. Mickey’s Carting is here to talk about some tips to help you remove your carpet successfully.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Tools & Supplies

Just like any project in your home, having the right tools and supplies is going to make a world of difference. You will want to gather some necessary tools to make carpet removal much easier. Here are some tools you will want:
– Utility knife
– Hammer
– Gloves
– Pry bar
– Pliers
– Floor scraper
– Duct tape
– Broom
– Vacuum
– Knee pads
– Safety glasses
– Dust mask
– Dumpster

Step 2: Detach Carpet from Tack Strips

Around the entire carpeted space in your room will be tack strips. As you get started, you will need to pull the carpet up off of these strips. Once you have pulled up a corner of the carpet, you can easily. Pull it off of these strips using a pair of pliers. Make sure you take your time with this step.

Step 3: Cut Carpet to Make It Easier to Handle

The next thing you will want to do is cut the carpet into more manageable pieces using a utility knife. When you have cut the carpet into different sections, you will be able to more easily roll it up and it won’t be as heavy to carry out.

Step 4: Roll Up Large Pieces to Throw Away

Now that you have cut the carpet into manageable sections, you will be able to roll up these separate pieces of carpet. Once you have them all rolled up, wrapping duct tape around the rolled carpet in a couple of different sections can make it easier to haul out of your home.

Step 5: Remove Carpet Padding to Dispose Of

After you have gotten all the carpet cut rolled up and disposed of, you will need to remove the carpet padding as well. This can more easily be done when you cut the carpet padding into smaller pieces with your utility knife as well.

Step 6: Remove the Tack Strips

Now that the carpet and padding are removed from the home, you will need to remove the tack strips that are around the room. This can be done quite easily with a pry bar. Work one end of the pry bar underneath the tack strip and pull back to pop it off of the subfloor.

Step 7: Remove Staples

After removing the tack strips you will need to remove the thousands of staples that are in your subfloor. This is done with a floor scraper tool. Once you have scraped all of the staples out of the subfloor, you will need to sweep or vacuum them up.

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When it comes to removing carpet from your home, it is essential that you have a dumpster to dispose of it all. Mickey’s Carting can help you with your carpet removal project with our dumpster rental services. Call us today!

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