What Materials & Items Can & Cannot Be Put in a Dumpster in Northwest Harbor, NY?

If you are in the middle of a large-scale remodel, a cleaning spree or any other project that requires the use of a dumpster, you may be wondering what you are allowed to put in them. There are certain things that aren’t allowed in dumpsters for one reason or another. Mickey’s Carting is here to explain what you are allowed to put in a dumpster and what you must leave out of them.

What Material Can You Put in a Dumpster?

Most everything in your home that is non-hazardous can be thrown in a dumpster. Here are some of the most common things that people throw away in a dumpster:
– Wood: Any amount of wood from a home remodel or old wooden furniture can be safely discarded inside a dumpster. It may be helpful to break it down to get more of it to fit before you need the dumpster emptied.
– Yard Waste: If you are renting a dumpster to take care of the yard waste that accumulates as you make landscaping changes or while you are cleaning up your yard in the spring, you can count on all of it being allowed to be thrown away in the dumpster.
– Construction Debris: There are all sorts of debris that come with a construction site. It doesn’t matter if it is sheetrock, brick, wood, tile or other construction material, you can safely remove it from your property using a dumpster.
– General Trash: Any general trash you have on your property can be disposed of safely in a dumpster. This could include old documents, cardboard boxes or other non-organic trash that is found lying around.
– Alkaline Batteries: If you have any batters like AA, AAA, D or C batteries, you can simply throw them away in your dumpster without running into any problems. The only state that won’t allow it is California.

Is there Anything You Can’t Put in a Dumpster?

While many things that certainly be thrown away using a dumpster, there are some items that aren’t allowed. Here are items you will need to find other arrangements for:
– Medical Waste: Some medical waste items aren’t allowed in a landfill. Items that are covered in body secretions like rags and towels, sharps, needles and medications are not to be thrown in the dumpster.
– Asbestos: Some building materials like asbestos aren’t allowed in dumpsters. You need to be careful with heavy materials like concrete or bricks as well since there are weight limits.
– Flammable Materials: No flammable liquids like gasoline should be thrown in the dumpster.
– Hazardous Materials: No chemicals, paint thinners, pesticides and other hazardous materials should be disposed of in the dumpster.

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