What Should You Do to Prevent a Pest Infestation of an Outdoor Dumpster or Trash Bin in Jamesport, NY?

Pests are attracted to anything they can make into a meal or materials they can build into a nest. Trash bins, especially those outside your home, are a major attractant to pests from wildlife to insects. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help keep the pests out, and your trash bins more secure. We at Mickey’s Carting would like to offer some tips to help deter pests from making a mess of your garbage.

Secure Dumpster Lids

Making sure that the lid on top of the trash bin is shut tightly is the simplest way to keep the crawlies out of your dumpster. Wild animals like raccoons can also treat themselves in your dumpsters, apart from the small pests. Another way to ensure that the dumpster lids are always closed are self-securing lids. If necessary, bands and clips with hooks to keep it tightly closed.

Repair or Replace Damaged Bins

Inspect your trash bin for holes, cracks, or corrosion on a regular basis. Any small flies or cockroaches can enter your bin through the holes and cracks. To patch your dumpster, use good-quality reinforcement tape from a hardware store. Consider changing your dumpster to prevent infestation if damage seems irreversible or extensive.

Use Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Prevention is always ideal in any situation. Especially if they have food leftovers, make certain that your trash bags are wrapped tightly. The heavy-duty trash bags are a good investment since they won’t tear easily and are typically scratch proof.

Routine Dumpster Cleaning

Garbage is unpleasant and if not cleaned after a few months, there is an infestation, and the smell becomes intolerable. For hygiene and keeping those maggots away, cleaning the dumpster on a weekly basis is highly recommended.

Apply Ammonia to Trash Can

Ammonia is a potent chemical and will discourage any infestation and get rid of it if there is any. Spray ammonia in and around your dumpster periodically. It can be strong enough to prevent small rodents and raccoons from coming near your trash can.
**Caution: Ammonia is a strong chemical and is harmful to animals and humans alike, so be careful when using an ammonia-based solution/spray.

Motion Sensor Lights

Rodents and other small animal wildlife can be a real a problem if they start to use your dumpster as a buffet line. Investing in motion-sensing lights can be a major deterrent. These lights automatically switch on if they sense any motion, scaring small animals away from your trash bins. Also, for commercial property or restaurant managers who want to know how to prevent a pest infestation, this is a good solution.

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To deter pest infestations in your dumpsters, these suggestions are a just a few ideas. Since infestations can trigger health issues as well as lead to property damage, keeping these pests away from your home is essential. When you have excessive trash to dispose of, you can also rent a dumpster from Mickey’s Carting to get rid of the bulk to also help manage pests in the area.

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