These Artists have created ART from our daily TRASH!

“If we but look at the world around us, we could see the potential in many of the items we carelessly discard each and every day. “

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Unknown Artist

Res ipsa loquitur

Benjamin Von Wong

Von Wong is an Artist focused on amplifying creating a positive impact from the unforgettable trash that is thrown away every day, affecting us all.

SAYAKA GANZ Belen Hermosa

Ganz utilizes reclaimed plastic objects like brush strokes which appear visibly unified at a distance though separate at close proximity.

Paul Villinski

This awesome piece was made from old soda cans and a hiking backpack frame. Great concept.

Benjamin Von Wong’s

“Strawpocalypse” was made from over 150,000 discarded plastic straws.

Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong made the “Plastikophobia” installation from 18,000 used plastic cups.
In a piece from 2018, Von Wong wanted to illustrate a specific statistic: Every 60 seconds, a truckload’s worth of plastic enters the ocean.

Federico Uribe

Colombian artist Federico Uribe has created entire immersive installations from collaged materials, building animals from fabric and wires, plants from shovels, and stars from silver key or he has adapted pencils as a medium.


Upcycle: Kids learn how to turn trash into art in Richmond where families can create, see and learn about the art of “upcycling,” creatively reusing materials otherwise headed for the garbage.

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