Can You Throw Anything in the Compactor in Calverton, NY? What is Too Toxic?

When managing an abundant amount of waste, you will never go wrong with a compactor unit. A compactor unit is designed to collect and then compress waste into a tightly formed cube. A compactor unit helps to get rid of much more waste in a single unit. When you get a compactor unit for your business, there are certain protocols you must follow. Not everything can go inside a compactor unit. Certain items will either cause damage to the unit or become a hazardous problem. Today, Mickeys Carting would like to break down what can or cannot go into a compactor unit.

Can a Compactor Crush Metal?

Can metal go inside a compactor unit? Yes, but the metals that can go into a compactor unit are limited. A compactor unit has the strength to crush and compress some metal. However, thicker metals cannot go into a compactor. When the metal has a high molecular density, the compactor unit cannot break these metals down. You will, in fact, damage the compactor unit if you try to use it for dense metals. You can safely use aluminum and other thinner lighter metals. If you are not sure if you can put the metal into the unit, it may be safer not to. You can instead have the metal taken to a recycle center.

Can Wood Go in a Compactor?

Some business or construction sites may want to use a compactor to discard their construction waste. One of the most common types of construction is wood and especially plywood. So can wood be put into a compactor? Yes, most compactors can handle wood and even wet saw dust. However, it will depend on the compactor. Compactors come in many shapes, sizes and power. You will need to know which type of compactor you have and if it has the ability to compact wood. Before renting a compactor, make sure to get the right size and power for disposing your excess wood if that is your need.

Which Items are Too Toxic to Put in a Compactor?

If you have chemicals or toxic waste that needs to be disposed of they should not go into a compactor or even the trash at all. Toxic waste and chemicals should be taken down to your local hazardous waste facility for proper disposal. Additionally, batteries and electronics are some of the common hazardous wastes that always find their into the trash and in a compactor.

Can You Compact Soil & Dirt?

If you are landscaping, you may wonder if you can put dirt or soil into the compactor. Compactors are often used for some yard waste like leaves, trimmed shrubs and branches. Where a compactor is able to compress soil and dirt, they shouldn’t go into the compactor. Dirt and soil adds too much weight and the dirt and soil get jammed up inside the container.

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There are many things you can use in a compactor unit. However, there are some limitations. If you find you have a ton of waste that need better management and want to see if a compactor unit is right for you, Mickey’s Carting provides compactor units and other waste management services. To reserve our services, contact Mickey’s Carting today.

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