What are the Health & Safety Hazards, & Harmful Effects of Illegally Dumping Waste in Cutchogue, NY?

You probably rely on your weekly garbage pickup for waste management services if you live in the suburbs. As it is common to find piles of trash, the case is different in urban areas, however. Whether it’s construction waste, old house items, or used products dumped at a non-designated site, the environmental impact is severe. To mitigate further damage to the ecosystem and legal action, we can help you rent a dumpster suited to your waste disposal needs. Today, we at Mickey’s Carting would like to discuss the negative impact of illegal dumping.

Consequences of Illegal Dumping of Waste

To help you manage your waste better and avoid subsequent repercussions of unlawful dumping, following are the consequences of illegal dumping, we provide quality dumpster rental services.
Environmental Damage. Often caused by illegal dumping, water, air, land, and soil pollution in your neighborhood. By contaminating the surroundings, the non-biodegradable materials and chemicals in the waste affect the waterways and physical environment. Compromising any efforts towards agriculture and maintaining a safe environment, waste also encourages the spread of pests and weeds. They can die from consuming poisonous materials if you are rearing animals in a contaminated area. By ensuring your property and neighborhood are clean, a strategically placed dumpster rental can prevent this.
Fire Risks. Risk of wildfires increase with illegal dumping of tires, chemicals, hazardous medical waste, and automobile parts. Burning hazardous waste releases toxic particles in the air, when the temperatures are high and the waste decomposes, which causes severe respiratory complications when inhaled. Compromising the overall safety and quality of the environment, the ground and drinking water can be affected.
Reduced Property Value. A decrease in property value is another consequence of illegal dumping. Affecting the property value in your neighborhood, areas that currently serve as dumping sites can also serve as a hub for other illegal activities. Especially if dumping is done by the roadside or in the forest, it also affects the tourism sector if such areas aren’t addressed. Many prospective property owners want a safe and serene environment and a possibly higher resale value. Real estate is affected and your ROI in the long run by an illegal dumping site in the area.
Safety & Health Hazards. From sharp objects and toxic substances to polluted medical waste and nappies, to mention a few, an illegal dumping site contains many dangerous items. Especially children and pets playing in the area, these materials pose serious safety and health risks to anyone. Compromising your overall well-being are the piles of waste serve as a conducive habitat for pests and insects that spread diseases.
High Amounts of Taxpayers’ Money is Wasted. The levels of trash disposed of illegally have drastically increased with the country’s population at an all-time high. By illegal dumping, thousands of taxpayers’ dollars are used to clean up the mess every year. As it should not be the case, the money is used to fix affected infrastructure or natural areas.

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