Dos & Dont’s of Dumpster Rentals in Baiting Hollow, NY; Can You Overfill a Container & More

Many people turn to dumpster rentals for many different reasons. Yard cleanup, construction, reducing the clutter inside and/or outside, and so on. Dumpster rentals are perfect for conveniently removing yard waste, construction debris and trash. When the trash can on the street is nothing compared to the heaps of garbage you have to responsibly get rid of, ordering a dumpster is the perfect solution, whether you are a commercial or residential consumer. Today, we at Mickey’s Carting would like to list the dos and don’ts of dumpster rental for you to consider for your next project.

When it comes to a dumpster rental, they can be more complex than you might suppose though they are of course very accommodating to your project timeline and budget. You can prevent unwanted surprises with a little research and planning. Below are the dos and don’ts to help your project be more efficient and smoother.

Get the Size Dumpster You Need & Other Dos

1) Know there are limitations of the hauler: There are quite a few variables that can impact how and where a dumpster is dropped off, such as the soft ground, incline, public walkways, trees, and other obstacles. Consider the safest, out of the way place for your dumpster location.
2) Order according to category of waste: You will want haulers to treat your order differently than a standard rental should you have heavy debris or a LEED-certified construction site. Be sure to answer truthfully of what you are planning to dump.
3) Plan and stick to your timeline: Project how long you will need the dumpster and how long it will take you to fill it to better you’re your dumpster according to the timeframes offered.
4) Check the sizing guide before you order: You will need to know what size dumpster you need to fit the amount of waste you plan to haul so be sure to check out the sizing guide to determine which size dumpster is better for your load.
5) Learn about and additional and potential fees: Though it varies per hauler, overtime, overfill, and/or overweight charges can occur unpredictably; be sure to know the costs upfront to avoid surprise charges.
6) Get a permit if applicable: City-owned property always need a permit for a dumpster, and before you get the permit and order the dumpster be sure to sure look into other applicable restrictions.

What Items Cannot Be Put in a Dumpster & Other Don’ts

1) Don’t only select your dumpster based on only square footage: Before it is even half full, heavy construction debris can quickly exceed the weight capacity of a dumpster. Be sure to note the weight as well as the square footage according to your order.
2) Don’t count on a swap out: Keep in mind that swap outs are not an added fee, and many of the times they are just as much cost as the original dumpster and they are not guaranteed.
3) Never assume the dumpster can fit: Allowing for truck access and enough space to drop off and pick-up, make sure your desired drop off point is efficient.
4) Avoid overfilling the dumpster: Because materials can fall out of the dumpster in transit, an overfilled dumpster is a hazard to the hauler as well as the public.
5) Do not deviate from the waste regulations: You cannot put any material in the dumpster. Some limits are obvious like hazardous waste, but there are other materials forbidden to the dumpster and it is best to know it.
6) Don’t presume the inflexibility haulers are inflexible: To control the logistics of their business, haulers set standards. Make sure to ask how the hauler handles your customize our individual needs.

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