How Big of a Dumpster Do I Need for a Roof Tear Off in Aquebogue, NY? 8 to 30 Yard Container Rental

Whether you are doing it yourself or have contracted an expert, roof cleaning is a daunting task that can be messy. All the previous roofing material is removed, leaving your home safe and appealing since the reality is that the actual clean-up starts when the new roof is installed. You can end up with debris around your compound, posing a safety risk to your loved ones and pets if roof clean-up is not done properly. To ensure your roof clean-up goes on smoothly, we at Mickey’s Carting would like to share some tips on roof clean-up.

Challenges of Roof Cleaning

You are doing your work easily and alleviating the risk of injuries to those around when you rent a dumpster for roof clean-up. The old one needs to be removed first prior to installing a new roof, which produces a large number of debris and waste. Care should be exercised to ensure that all the material, from small debris to large pieces, is collected, although it’s not difficult to clean your roof. To help you meet your roof clean-up needs without compromising efficiency and quality, Mickey’s Carting has a range of dumpster rental equipment.

Tips for Roof Clean-Up

After installing a new roof, most professional roofing companies offer clean-up services. Since this is not always the case, you might end up doing clean-up by yourself, however. You will be left dealing with leaves, shingles, tree branches, wood scraps, and many more along with the roof material and falling debris. Below are some of the roof clean-up tips the experts at Mickey’s Carting recommend.

For Roofing Debris, Use a Tarp Landing Zone

To make it easy to transfer the debris to the dumpster rental, place a tarp on the ground near your working area can help collect the debris falling from the roof. Making a tarp the right tool to keep these small pieces out of your lawn, most of the debris found on a roof is small. The experts at Mickey’s Carting can help you pick out the most suitable dumpster rental for your needs when you rent a dumpster for roof clean-up.

Use a Magnet to Pick Up Fallen Nails

Posing a risk to anyone around and pets as well, it’s easy for nails to scatter throughout your yard during a roofing project. Children playing or pets running around can get serious injuries if you have a grassy lawn. To ensure that nails and other shrapnel are removed for a safer and compound it is in your best interest to use a magnet.

How Big of a Dumpster Do I Need for a Roof Tear Off

To determine you big of a dumpster you will need for your roof tear off, you will need to determine the number of total roofing squares (this is not the same as square footage). 1 roofing square is the equivalent of 100 square feet of shingles. 20 roofing squares will require an 8 yard dumpster while 70 squares will require a 30 yard dumpster.

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For a safe and successful clean-up, Mickey’s Carting can help you rent a dumpster for roof clean-up and ensure that you have all the pertinent information required. A roll-off dumpster on site is the right tool for an efficient and effective roof clean-up. For top-notch dumpster rental services at an affordable price for more information, call Mickey’s Carting.

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