How Big of a Dumpster Do I Need for a Roof Tear Off in East Hampton, NY? Guide to Container Size & More

If you are facing a roof replacement, that more than likely means that you will be removing a roof before the new roof can be installed. There is an enormous amount of debris that has to be removed from a roof before a new one can be installed. While you have more than likely considered the roofing materials that you would like to have installed on your roof and talked to several roofing contractors about what is best, you may not have considered the fact that you need a dumpster to put the old roof in. Mickey’s Carting is here to talk about how you go about choosing the right sized dumpster for your roof replacement project.

Are Shingles Heavy? How Much Do They Weigh?

The most commonly used shingle used for residential homes is the three-tab shingle. This type of shingle is much lighter than architectural shingles. If you have a home that is older, you may have a roof that is made of antiquated materials. It can be helpful to ask a roofing contractor how much they figure the shingles weigh. If you have asphalt shingles, three bundles of shingles will cover 100 square feet of roof. Each bundle weighs between 60 and 80 pounds. So, if you have a roof that is 2,000 square feet, you can plan on the debris coming off of it when you remove the roof to weigh between 3,600 and 4,800 pounds. How much other materials weigh per square foot include:
– Copper: .85 lbs
– Wood Shingles: 4.5 lbs
– Fiberglass shingles: 4.5 lbs
– Slate: 10 lbs
– Clay tile: 12-20 lbs
– Aluminum: .5 lbs
– Concrete tile: 8-10 lbs

How Do I Choose a Dumpster Size?

It is important that you are renting the right sized dumpster to be able to handle the enormous amount of weight that you are going to be putting in it when you remove your roof. Most waste removal companies offer a small dumpster at 6 cubic yards that will only hold about 3,000 lbs of waste. This may be okay for a partial roof removal, but you will likely need a dumpster that is about 10-15 cubic yards to remove a full roof. These dumpsters can hold between 4,000-5,000 pounds of waste before needing to be emptied. If you are removing two layers of roofing material with your roofing project, you will need to consider a dumpster that is 20 cubic yards and has the ability to hold up to 7,000 pounds of material.

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If you are getting ready to remove your roof, you can call on Mickey’s Carting to help you figure out what size dumpster you need for the project. We will supply you with a dumpster that will take care of the mess that comes with such a large construction project. Call us today!

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