How Do You Majorly Declutter in Aquebogue, NY? Sort, Set Timeline, Hire Junk Removal Services & Rent a Dumpster

When you need to do some serious decluttering, one of the most effective ways is with a dumpster rental. When decluttering sometimes a bigger mess develops when you are not properly prepared. Depending on the home or even business, it is important to be organized when undergoing a major cleaning and decluttering. Mickey’s Carting would like to share a few tips when decluttering, how to stay organized and why you will want to have a dumpster ready.

Sort when Decluttering

When doing major decluttering project, whether it is at the home or in an office, it can be very helpful to have a sorting system. Not everything needs to go into a dumpster. There are many items that can be recycled, sold, or donated. When you begin the decluttering process, you will want to have a system ready for the various types of items and know how you would like to dispose of them. For example, you may want to have boxes on hand. One for donation, one for recycling, and one for selling. The rest can be tossed in the dumpster, removing the primary waste as you clean and declutter. Having a sorting system will help keep the site cleaner and easier to maintain.

Start a Declutter Project with a Timeline

For some people it is very helpful to set goals and timelines for the project. Often a major cleaning and decluttering project can go unfinished without a timeline. This is worse for those who rent a dumpster that you rent it for a certain period of time. If you did not complete your decluttering project, you wasted money on your dumpster rental. Make sure to set plenty of time to properly dedicate to your cleaning project and even make a schedule to ensure you get your cleaning project done in time.

How Do You Decide if You Should Get Rid of Something

For many people clutter occurs because they do not know if they should keep something or not. When you are going through things in your home, a good rule to flow is if you haven’t used it in a full year, you most likely will never need to use it. If you are going through documents, documents such as receipts, W2’s, and other documents that over 7 years old, you do not need to keep them. However, make sure to shred documents with personal information before discarding them.

Hire Junk Removal Services to Get Rid of Waste

When your decluttering project involves a lot of junk removal and you know most if not all of the items need to be thrown away, this is the perfect time to seek junk removal services. When you need extra hands to help you get rid of a lot of junk, many waste management and dumpster removal services will offer junk removal. Junk removal is when a team will come out and help you get rid of the junk. Additional hands can make the project go by faster. Junk removal is ideal for both residential and commercial cleaning projects.

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