How to Remove & Dispose of Kitchen Cabinets During a Remodel in East Hampton North, NY

For many homeowners, the price of a kitchen remodel is steep. There are more than likely many homeowners that are looking for any way that they can to cut the cost of the project. One of the best ways to cut costs is to do some of the work yourself. While this might seem like a goal that is out of reach at first glance, you might find that there is more you can do than you think. One project that many homeowners can do themselves is remove the old cabinets while they wait for the new ones to be installed. Mickey’s Carting is here to talk about what the kitchen cabinet removal process looks like.

Have the Needed Tools & Supplies Ready

There are a number of different tools that you’re going to need to get the old kitchen cabinets out of the space to make way for the new. To make the job as easy as possible, you will need to gather some tools to help you get the job done. You should gather the following supplies:
– Utility knife
– Pry bar
– Hammer
– Drill
– Step ladder
– Tarps
– Screwdriver
– 2x4s for support

Prepare Kitchen Cabinets for Removal

Before you can get started, you are going to need to unpack your current cabinets before removing them. There are likely items stuffed into every nook and cranny of those old cabinets. It might take some time to get this done. As soon as you decide to remodel the kitchen, it’s a good idea to start organizing and purging your current cabinets to get ready.

Dissemble Fixtures, Trims & Seals

Your utility knife is going to come in handy as you start removing all of the trim from the outside of your cabinets. You will need to unscrew the doors on all the cabinets as well. Once you have remove the doors, you can start to take out any shelving that is found inside your cabinets. As you work to remove the wood framing that attaches that cabinets to the wall, you will need to cut through the calking that is sealing them. Again, your utility knife will come in handy for this part.

Remove Kitchen Cabinets

Finally, it will be time to take those cabinets off the wall. This is where the 2x4s will come in handy. They will be placed between the countertop and the upper cabinets to support them as you unscrew them from the wall. If you can gather a second pair of hands to help you with this process, you should. You will need to unscrew all the fasteners that are keeping your cabinets together.

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Once you have completed your kitchen cabinet removal project, you will need somewhere to put them. This is where a dumpster rental from Mickey’s Carting comes into play. There is no easier way to get rid of the old cabinets in your home than with a dumpster rental. Call us today!

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