What is the Best Disposal Method for Hazardous Waste in Wading River, NY? (Not Your Trash Can or Dumpster)

When cleaning out a storage unit, a garage, a home or business, you will come across hazardous waste. When you need a dumpster to help you do a major cleaning project, you may be tempted to throw hazardous waste right into the dumpster or even the trash. However, never put hazardous materials into a dumpster or into the trash. Hazardous waste need to be disposed of properly to ensure safely to you and our environment. For those who do not know what or how to dispose of hazardous waste, Mickey’s Carting would like to take the time and cover this important topic.

What is Meant By Hazardous Waste?

Many people do know or realize what is considered hazardous waste and why. There are some items that most people know are hazardous, such as batteries and motor oil. However, there is a lot more hazardous waste in a home and business than you may think. For example, a number of electronics such as cell phones, laptops, TVs and computer monitors are hazardous. Fluorescent light bulbs and paint are another common and hazardous waste materials that requires proper disposal. As there are thousands of items that are considered to be hazardous, it helps to know what is hazardous by the items nature. It an item, product or chemical is ignitable, reactive, toxic, explosive or corrosive, they are most likely a hazardous material.

How Do You Handle Hazardous Waste Disposal?

First of all, it is important to know why you cannot simply throw hazardous materials into a dumpster or put into the trash. Waste in the trash or in a dumpster is taken to a landfill. That landfill, will at some point be covered and buried. It is covered so it will decompose overtime. Landfills do produce methane gas which is collected and used as an energy source. However, what is buried in the landfill becomes part of our environment. You do not want to introduce hazardous materials that will affect your local environment. So how do you dispose of hazardous waste? There are a few ways you can handle hazardous waste. When it comes to electronics, you can see if there is an electronics recycling service that will pick up your items or where you can drop off broken electronics. Some companies will strip out working parts and use them to repair electronics or resell them. They will then take the rest of the electronic devices and properly dispose of the unusable parts. For other hazardous waste like batteries, light bulbs, paint and other chemicals, you will need to do a little research. Every city or town should have a hazardous waste disposal site. There you can take your hazardous waste to be safely disposed of. Some hazardous waste services may even offer pickup options.

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It is important to have hazardous waste properly disposed of. You can help protect the environment and the place you call home. Hazardous waste affects everyone on our planet. It is important that everyone plays there part in protecting our neighborhood and our environment. If you have more questions about hazardous waste removal or need waste management services, dumpster rentals and more, contact Mickey’s Carting today.

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