What You Can & Cannot Put in a Dumpster in Westhampton Beach, NY? Household Clutter, Construction Debris & More

For both residential and commercial projects, roll-off dumpsters are the ideal disposal solution. Fortunately, you can load up your junk and leave the rest to us at Mickey’s Carting since most things can be disposed of in a roll-off dumpster. From a homeowner’s garage to a building’s parking lot, we offer two compact sizes, ten and fifteen-yard dumpsters, which can be placed in tight places. For convenient disposal, our smaller trucks and skilled operators can place your dumpster. When you are preparing to begin a residential or commercial project that produces a lot of waste, Mickey’s Carting can help supply you with the right dumpster. Today, we would like to list the general items allowed to be disposed of in the dumpster.

What Items Can Be Placed in a Dumpster?

Household Clutter. Many families have an annual event to declutter and deep clean their homes. Some families choose to do this traditionally in spring- and spring-cleaning activities, others prefer the fall to make way for the holiday events soon to follow. No matter you preferred time of year, you can alleviate stress by getting of unused old items can free up space for the things you actually use. Into the same dumpster, you can toss in your dated couch and your kid’s old bike. Toys, clothing, furniture, documents, and even some appliances can be junked in the dumpster. As long as they are free from freon or hazardous materials, appliances are generally safe to put in your dumpster. You could consider cleaning out your storage unit of unused clutter to save space and money in addition to your home.
Material Waste from Construction or Renovation Projects. There will be old materials and trash to dispose of afterward, no matter if you are a commercial contractor doing a construction project or a homeowner doing a kitchen remodel. Your old broken-down concrete, broken-down tile, broken-down cabinets, insulation, drywall, roofing shingles, and more can be held in a roll-off dumpster. Our team will pick up your dumpster and dispose of the materials safely for our environment when you are finished.
Office Waste. A dumpster can help you dispose of old decor items, business assets, rugs, documents, etc if your office is undergoing a renovation or a clean-out. To avoid disrupting your company’s appearance, we can even position the dumpster near your backdoor or loading dock for a discreet disposal solution that.
Landscape Waste. During the improvement process, landscaping projects can create a mess. You could dispose of it in a roll-off dumpster if you have logs, branches, shrubs, trees, sod, brush, or any sort of unwanted vegetation. Typically, it is not recommended that you mix your dumpster with trash and green waste. Instead of going to a landfill, green waste can be recycled,

What Can You Not Put in a Dumpster?

Electronics and batteries should not be placed in a dumpster. Also, banned are substances such as paint, asbestos, tires, liquids and hazardous materials. Typically, dumpster experts can provide a specific list if you need it.

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