What Materials Don’t Decompose in Southold, NY? What Hazardous or Toxic Items Should Be Kept Out of Landfills?

While it can always feel good to purge items that you don’t need out of your home, you need to be careful about what you’re putting into that dumpster that you have rented. There are some things that shouldn’t be simply thrown away. They can be hazardous or toxic to our environment and have a big impact on our earth. It is important that you know what can and cannot go in the dumpster so that you’re managing your waste properly. Mickey’s Carting is here to list off some of the hazardous materials that will require special care when you’re ready to get rid of them.

What Items Should Not Go into a Landfill?

There are some things you can’t simply throw away. You need to know what they are so that you can take care in disposing of them. Here are some of the items that shouldn’t simply be throwing out.
– Batteries: There are several different chemicals that are found inside a battery. Two of them that are especially damaging to the environment are lead and cadmium. If they are simply thrown out and make their way into the landfill, there is a good chance that these chemicals will eventually make it into our water supply. You should always check with your local guidelines that can help you dispose of batteries safely.
– Paint: Paint is one of those things that can completely transform a space. However, it isn’t always something that you shouldn’t just throw away. If you’re using an oil-based paint, you should always take care in disposing of it. There are many places that will give you a fine if they find out you have disposed of your paint on trash day.
– Electronics: The way that the world relies on technology to function, it is no wonder that old electronics are starting to quickly pile up. They don’t only have batteries in them that are destructive to the environment, but there are also materials like lead and beryllium oxide that can pose serious health risks.
– Mercury: While most people have moved on to other thermometers, there are still plenty of them that contain mercury in them. Computer monitors and fluorescent light bulbs also contain mercury. Mercury can cause serious health problems when you come in contact with it so it shouldn’t come as surprise that you can’t simply throw it out.
– Oil & Gas: If you have worked on your vehicle and have leftover oil or gas, you need to take care in disposing of it. They are explosive, corrosive, ignitable and should never be thrown out like your paper goods.

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