What Items Should Not Go into a Landfill, Trash Can or Down Drain in Springs, NY? Paint, Gas, Oil & More

If you rent a dumpster or are simply throwing away trash, there are certain items that you use that should never find its way to your local landfill. Certain items people use and discard are toxic to our environment and can have a direct impact. Some items we throw away require a different waste management approach. As there are items that should not be put in a dumpster or in your everyday trash can, Mickey’s Carting would like to share the top five items you do not want making its way to the landfill.

What is Not Allowed in a Landfill Dump?

1. Batteries: Too many people will throw batteries into the trash can, which later goes into your local landfill. Most landfills are very close to cities or within them. You may be surprised to learn how close to home landfills really are. Batteries contain a toxic and corrosive chemical such as lead and cadmium which can enter the underground water supply. Batteries such as automotive and lithium-ion batteries should never make their way into the landfill. The chemicals they produce can enter your water supply and can cause organ failure and illness. For this reason it is very important to dispose of batteries properly.
2. Paint: When there is leftover paint or even an empty can with paint residue along the sides, we often throw the paint away. Often when painting a home it is recommended not to linger in a room recently painted because the fumes are considered to be unsafe. If this is true, then consider what it can do to your local environment. The effects of paint can increase in a landfill. The soil, underground water will become contaminated. Which is why you never want to throw paint away.
3. Electronics: Some electronics should not go into a landfill. Not only do some electronics contain a lithium-ion battery built into the device, but certain electronics contain other hazardous chemicals. Computers contain beryllium oxide and lead. TVs and computer monitors also contain lead, cadmium, and arsenic which will get into the landfill, causing the soil and water to become toxic.
4. Mercury Thermometers: There are some people who still have the old style thermometers or thermostats that still contain mercury. For those who are updating their thermometers, do not throw the old one away. The mercury isn’t safe and will contaminate the landfill. Mercury is also in some computer monitors and other items in the home. It is important to keep mercury out of the landfill and that you dispose of mercury properly.
5. Gasoline & Oil: Do you have used or bad oil or gasoline? Well they do not go into the trash either. Both gasoline and oil is a dangerous material that you do not want going into the landfill. They not only contaminate the landfill but now there is a flammable and potentially explosive material in the landfill. Never dispose of oil or gasoline in your trash can.

What Do You Do with Hazardous Chemicals & Waste?

Now that you know not to throw away these hazardous items, what do you do with it? Your city should have a hazardous and recycling center. You can take your hazardous waste to them where they will either recycle the material or dispose of it safely.

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