Why are Overflowing Waste Cans a Hazard in Wading River, NY? How to Prevent Garage Overflow & More

Generally, most people have residential waste removal services to manage their residential garbage. You can keep your home in good hygiene as well as your immediate environment clean.
Unfortunately, those that do not have good habits disposing of their garbage can face unpleasant home sanitation conditions which can affect the health of you and your neighbors. Today, we at Mickey’s Carting would like to discuss the importance of avoiding overflowing your outdoor and indoor garbage bins.

Waste Accumulation Affects Health

You are inviting bacteria, flies, and pests to your home when there is an overflowing garbage bin by your curbside. In addition to the eyesore, excessive waste can prove to be a health risk to you and your immediate neighbors. Over a million bacteria on their bodies can be carried on garbage flies that have crowded and bred on piled-up garbage. When they contaminate your fresh foods, particularly juicy fruits, a few of these bacteria like listeria, salmonella, and E. coli can cause food poisoning. Also, garbage flies and other such pests can be a nuisance and another problem to deal with. If your waste goes uncollected even for a day, odors can quickly assault your nasal passages since most residential waste is food scraps and food wrappings. Because of this, most garbage removal experts provide garbage removal services during the week. To maintain a high level of hygiene in your home, these services are essential.

How Does Waste Affect the Air?

Methane is produced by decomposing liquid and food waste. Oxygen in the air is displaced by high concentrations of methane. When you breathe in the polluted air, your body’s performance is hindered. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, memory loss, slurred speech, and sudden mood changes may be experienced. Because you’ll risk catching respiratory diseases when you breathe in large amounts of methane or carbon dioxide, it is important to avoid overflowed garbage decomposing in and near your home. Some people have taken to burning their trash. This option is even worse. High amounts of toxic pollutants are injected into the air when trash is burned. Nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide are included in these pollutants. You’ll not suffer from air pollution because of uncollected garbage or resort to backyard burning of trash when you utilize trash removal services.

Waste Causes Surface Water & Soil Pollution

There’s a high chance it ends up in your local water bodies if it rains when the overflowing garbage drips onto the ground. Over time, liquid waste may also leech into the ground, which pollutes the groundwater and the soil. Especially toxic for surface waters, includes waste items such as leftover paints, batteries, and electronic. Plastic bottles left on the lawn will release DEHA when they break down. A harmful carcinogen that seeps into the soil and surrounding water bodies is DEHA. The water, plants, and soil living organisms are also harmed. This is why the recycling efforts are properly disposal of non-recyclable items need to be discarded correctly.

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It is important that you rely on professional garbage services and when your trash is excessive, consider dumpster rentals. For waste removal service and dumpster rental in new York, call Mickey’s Carting and let us take care of you.

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